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We build sites that help to establish the brand identity of our clients. Whether your company is positioning itself as an upstart consumer brand, an established and reliable corporate partner, or anywhere in between, we will create a website for you that reflects and reinforces that image.
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Content Management System

Content Management System

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The VWP Content Management System (CMS) simplifies the often complex tasks of managing your website pages. From intuitive sitemap, menu and page redirects interfaces, to a version history that makes it easy to fix mistakes, the system was designed from the ground up with our customers in mind.

VWP Dashboard

Site Admin Tools

Link To VWP Site Admin Tools

We take content management to a whole new level. Why deal with HTML, when what you really want to do is post a job / add a press release / promote an event, etc.? No matter what you need to accomplish with your website, we've probably built an app that can help. If we haven't, give us a shout; our custom apps plug right into our adminstrative dashboard.


Pham Fatale

Link To PhamFatale.com

Yum. We challenge you to visit PhamFatale.com and not drool. Jacqueline Pham shares her incredible recipes and pictures using our custom blogging platform tailor-made for recipes. We've built a series of apps and widgets for the site, which have all contributed to her impressive viewership of 250k visits.

Evolve Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.

Evolve Manufacturing

Link To Evolve Mfg. Website

As a three time winner of Inc. Magazine's "500 Fastest Growing Companies" Award, Evolve has a proven track record of managing exponential growth. They began as a supplier to the semiconductor equipment industry. Evolve earned accolades from its customers for maintaining excellent quality and 100% on time delivery with >500% growth.

Modulus Inc

Modulus Inc.

Link To Modulus Website

Modulus, Inc. is a nearly 40 year old contract manufacturer of scientific instruments and medical devices. The website provides information on their varied services, including laser welding and micro-electronics.


Zonare Medical Systems, Inc.

Link To Zonare Website

Zonare is a leader in premium ultrasound. The app-driven website that we developed for them is an information clearinghouse, highlighting product information, clinical images, trade shows, press releases, jobs and more.

InCube Labs

Incube Labs

Link To InCube Labs Website

InCube Labs is an innovative medical device company with a proven track record of bringing new therapies to market. The site we designed for them is a showcase of their accomplishments over the past 15 years as well as a look into the drug delivery platforms they are currently developing.

InCube VC

Incube VC

Link To InCube VC Website

InCube VC is the investment arm of InCube Labs. The goal with this site was to create a cohesive brand for both web properties. An inversion of the colors and new panels for the home page give incubevc.com a look that is different but familiar.



SwitchDb is a DNA search engine and price quote system combined with an operations management platform. If that sounds complicated, don't feel bad; it is. We're computer scientists, not biologists, so there was quite a bit of a learning curve in order to develop the system. In the end, we were able to streamline the search and quote process and reduce the order fulfillment process.

Food Micro Sites

Food Micro Sites

Link To AsianRecipes.co Website

Having more than 700+ exquisite recipes and pictures can make it difficult to give each one its due. To help Pham Fatale maximize the exposure of its content, we developed a series of targeted microsites around key categories.



Link To Recipeer Website

Have you ever wanted to share a recipe with your family member / friend, but don't feel like broadcasting it to the whole world? Well, Recipeer is for you. It enables private sharing and requesting of recipes via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Eyes On Obama

Eyes On Obama

Link To Eyes On Obama Website

Regardless of your political persuasion, it is difficult to argue against 2008 being the year of Obama. We helped our client capitalize on the enormous levels of interest by providing a blogging platform geared towards political content. Add to that a superdelegate petition app and a vote for your favorite VP candidate contest, and you have a site that during the election was able to amass more that 600k unique visitors per month.

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