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Gone are the days where you can hire a graphic designer and throw static web pages on a $5/month host. Websites today are interactive, search engine optimized, and deeply integrated with social media platforms. At VWP, we break down websites into design elements that you can see, and the equally important underlining technologies you can’t. Not only do we deliver a great looking design, but we excel at helping you craft your content so that it reaches your intended audience.

What you see

After having an initial consultation with you about your company’s brand, we will review sample websites to make sure that we both have the same understanding of what needs to be built.
Template Selection
Then, depending on your budget, we will customize an existing template or build one from scratch complete with Google Web Fonts and interactive widgets enabled by jQuery.
Custom Design
We have designers on staff that will assist you if you are at the stage where you need to design your company’s logo. We will help create a design that articulates your brand and works on a variety of media, including letterhead, business cards, and the web.
Logo Design
We’ve been building websites for over 10 years, and the number one problem our clients have had is generating the right content to convey their brand and message. We have excellent writers that will work with you to describe your company’s mission, team, and products & services. With experts in SEO on hand, your company’s visibility on the web will improve drastically.
Content Writing
It’s important to be where your customers are, and these days, that means that your site can’t be tethered to a desktop. A mobile version of your website will allow your customers to access your content from wherever they are. We will build versions of your site that are optimized for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms.
Mobile Websites

What you don't see

At this point in the process, we will work with you to craft text that not only conveys your message, but is search engine optimized as well. In addition, sidebar elements, such as a call to action can be developed.
The benefits of cloud hosting are many: improved response time, better scaling, more robust failover, and incredibly competitive rates for managing your site or app. We partner with Rackspace and Amazon Web Services to ensure that your applications scale with demand. All of this is accomplished without huge upfront expenses; you just pay as you go. You can rest assured that your apps will scale with demand.
Cloud Hosting
Content Delivery Networks make your media content available to customers around the world at blazing fast speeds. This is accomplished by placing "edge" servers all over the US, Europe and Asia that put your content closer to wherever your customers are connecting from. VWP utilizes CDNs that are managed by industry leaders Amazon and Rackspace Cloud, ensuring that our clients’ websites perform well regardless of the location of visitors.
Content Delivery


Many of our clients previously had websites they were not thrilled with. The biggest complaint was they they could not manage it. From long lead times for simple changes, dealing with people overseas, or not knowing how to edit HTML, many of our clients have had to deal with significant challenges in keeping their websites fresh and up to date.

At VWP, not only do we have somebody available to take a call from you at any time, but we take all necessary measures to ensure you have the access and ability to make changes on your own. Our platform of applications allows you to manage your company's changes. 

Available Applications:

This application allows you to manage your company’s press releases. You can schedule the publishing of press releases in advance and update previous releases’ press contact and company information in one, easy go. Our interface provides archives to avoid laundry lists and provide your clients with up-to-date and relevant information.
Press Release
This feature allows you to manage job postings by section (HR, engineering, sales, etc.) and provides a standardized description of job requirements with an option of direct email or web form response.
Board of Directors, advisers, and leadership pages can be difficult to manage as people come and go. We provide an interface to easily add new team members in a structured manner. We also offer a number of front-end interfaces to select from.
This application allows your company to manage the list of trade shows that you will be attending to make available to your current and potential customer base. You can provide dates, names, location, and booth number. The front-end display has two views: one which is all trade shows, and the second which is upcoming (which hides passed shows). We can also integrate this application with your home page so that as trade show dates approach, you can add a marketing message to your home page.
Trade Shows
White Papers is a way to manage the downloading of marketing documents that have been prepared by third parties. We allow you to upload documents to this application and display them in a manner you choose. We provide an option to either allow immediate download, or require the user fill out a form. We track the downloads of each white paper and optionally email you whenever anything is downloaded.
White Papers
We give you an interface to upload your media files (jpeg, pings, gifs, pdf, docs, etc.) to our cloud hosting platform as a part of our File Uploading application. Advanced features include limiting the types of files that can be uploaded, and the creation of collections of files that act as a pseudo-folder.
File Uploading
Allows you to manage the access privileges of your employees to the back-end apps that we provide you. You can create and disable accounts, give permissions on one or more of the apps that you use.
User Management
The contact app provides a basic form for requesting information along with an input for all of your corporate addresses. On the front end, each address will automatically link to a GoogleMap for directions. Their form submissions can either be emailed or viewed through the admin tool.
This app is used throu. 1) embedded in jobs/press release app - to schedule releases. allows scheduling of activities and makes it possible to 2) sync two activities/site updates (publishing on press release with posting of job, for example).

Company-specific Applications

We will connect your website to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. This will allow you to one-click publish your content to both your site and all three social media outlets. We accomplish this through standardized OAuth connections so that your personal account information is not compromised. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry - we do.
Social Media Integration
From simple "buy it now" buttons, to subscriptions, to full-service eCommerce websites, we can get you up and running painlessly. We have integrated our platform with both Google Payments and PayPal.
There may be content you want to update, but you don’t want to deal with the HTML. We can build a custom application to simplify the updating process.
Custom Site Management Apps


Our job doesn’t stop once your website has been launched. As part of our ongoing services, VWP will continue to provide content writing services and ongoing SEO assessment to ensure your content is current and consistent.

Custom application development is our specialty, so if you have additional web, mobile or social network application development needs, Venture Web Partners can provide you the right solutions.

In addition, VWP provides cutting edge phone and email services. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new company needing to set up these services, or an established business looking to reduce cost / improve service. VWP offers hosted services (Microsoft Hosted Exchange, OpenVBX, etc.) that will fit your needs.

Custom Application Development

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Social Apps
Consumer Web Apps
Mobile widget
HTML5 Apps

Additional Services

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